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Handcrafted Traditions

Handcrafted Traditions, Creston, IA
Phone: 641-344-4864

Handcrafted Traditions
1516 Hwy 25 N
Creston, IA 50801

Handcrafted Traditions sells their handcrafted gun cabinets through e-commerce. We ship anywhere in the lower 48. WIth over 37years of building experience, we use only the best materials. No tape veneers, or fiber-particle board.  We take pride in building the best cabinet we can for our clients,. Please visit the testimonial page on the website  to see the comments received from our customers.

We also do custom work. This means we will build your gun cabinet to your specifications if you need a special size or  would like the cabinet to fit in a particular area. We will work with you  to see what we can do to make  the cabinet a "custom" fit. 

When we receive your order we quote you a timeframe and we try to do ourr best to have your cabinet in that time. Our goal is to make you a very nice quality gun cabinet. When we are completed with your cabinet we will upload pictures so you can see the finished product and only then we settle remaining details.

If you request stain samples we will get those out before we start your cabinet.

If you have questions, we check emails everyday and answer calls or return voice mails asap.

Quality is not cheap but can be affordable. Handcrafted gun cabinet prices are listed along with available options on the order form page.

Thank you for the consideration!


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