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JSG Enterprises - has been in business manufacturing and selling Best Universal Brass Catcher in an Ammo can Systems since 2004. All our brass catcher systems are made here in the U.S.A. which is why we proudly claim that our brass catchers are American Made... and rightfully so. Other companies may claim that their products are American made, but like many other companies here in the U.S.A. actually only assemble them here. We don't, we manufacture them here and sell them here in the good old U.S. of A..

BUBCA and Universal Brass Catcher in an Ammo can Systems are Imagined, Developed, Engineered, Manufactured and finally Sold to the public right here, on our website from South Carolina in the United States of America. They can't be anymore American Made than that. We do offer our brass catcher systems to the 50 states, Porto Rico and our sometimes good neighbor Canada. Buyer pays all the import fees and they will be welcome to purchase as they please.

One more thing needs to be stated. Our Best Universal Brass Catcher in an Ammo can Systems are Universal... just as it states for any small arms caliber semiauto and automatic.

We are a Christian Company and do expect to operate as such. We hold nothing against anyone but don't expect us to be anything but truthful. We run our company as honest as we can possibly do. Expect that from us and we will return the favor.

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