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Trenton, TX 75490

Ground Zero Precision is the brain-child of a group of AR-15 and AR-15 variant enthusiasts, sport shooters, hunters and protectors of the Second Amendment. Over the years it became evident that the market we love has become hi-jacked by "stack 'em deep, sell 'em cheap" component vendors whose sole purpose is to get their hands on your hard earned dollars. What they do after they get your money has been documented and lamented on boards and forums across the internet and elsewhere. Customer service is dead. Pride in product offering is dead. The love of and passion for the wonderful, iconic and multi-purpose AR weapons platform no longer exists for these online dealers if it ever existed in the first place.

Ground Zero Precision is staffed, operated & directed by everyday shooters and while each of us at GZP may have a different use or vision for our rifles none of us have lost our love and passion for the platform. 

From long-range precision shooters, hunters, 2A advocates and military veterans to mechanical & chemical engineers, machinists and "AR platform philosophers", Ground Zero Precision's staff embodies them all.

Our combined 100+ years of building AR platform rifles and dealing with component sellers the internet wide have ingrained into our thinking that you take care of your customers like you would your own family. You don't sell what you can't get and you don't promise what you can't deliver. You don't take anyone's money without a system in place and the capability to deliver the exact product ordered and deliver it in a timely manner. We've all been exasperated time after time ordering components for our latest projects only to find out, often only after numerous ignored phone calls and emails, that the item we chose is out of stock or even worse.

It is the goal and focus of everyone involved with Ground Zero Precision to break the mold set by the thousands of "stack 'em deep, sell 'em cheap" AR part and component dealers and websites out there today. We take pride in our products, we take pride in our industry and we'll be proud to become your "go to" supplier for all of your AR-15 and variant component needs.

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