Monmouth   Oregon   Firearms   Gear   Retailer



283 N. Pacific Hwy
Monmouth, OR 97361

We are a small, veteran owned firearms and tactical store that opened up in Monmouth in 2012.  When we first started this business, we were mainly carrying survival supplies to build “To Go Kits”, or as some call them, “Bug-Out Bags”.  While we found helping customers with their survival needs to be important, our military background and passion for shooting and other outdoor activities, led to expanding to other items that we and our customers were interested in; hiking packs, archery supplies, compound bows, handguns and AR15s, and yes, MORE tactical gear!  For being a small store, we pride ourselves in being one of the larger carriers of tactical gear in the Willamette Valley.  Some of the tactical gear you can expect to find here are plate carriers, armor plates, vests, and molle pouches to hold your handgun and rifle magazines, and first aid items.  We’re even bringing in some surplus items like canteens and e-tools.  Some other items we stock are Lower Receivers and parts and accessories to build on the AR15 platform.  Other services we offer are Oregon Concealed Handgun classes and Firearm Transfers.  Need your bow worked on or restrung? We can do that too!  We enjoy being a part of this great community, and have fun just shooting the breeze with some of our regulars.  We’re located on the corner of HWY 99 and Powell Street in Monmouth, so stop on in and say, “Hello”, or check us out at Give us a call at 503-837-0497, we’d be happy to help you!

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