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Red Dot Arms

Red Dot Arms, Lake villa, IL

Red Dot Arms
1600 N milwaukee ave 306
Lake villa, IL 60073
847 707-9315

Red Dot Arms, Inc. is a multi-faceted business dedicated to the education of individuals on the proper use and care of firearms. Red Dot Arms also sells a full line of firearms and ammunition. Whether you are a novice or marksman or somewhere in the middle, Red Dot Arms' NRA certified instructors and knowledgeable sales staff can be your resource for all your firearm related questions and needs. Our family owned business, headquartered in Lake Villa, Illinois, services our customers out of seven warehouses nationally, offering products from over 250 manufacturers. We sell a full line of competitively priced firearms, ammunition and related accessories at our brick and mortar store and various sporting goods via our web-site.

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