PDTSS, Red Dot Tactics

PDTSS, Red Dot Tactics
4377 Neal Ct
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
719 659 9858

We are a Disable/Vet company. Former Special Oprations. We use our real world experience to teach you how to defend yourself out in the real WORLD, not on a target range. We will train you in anything from Survival outdoors to PSD, we train you in tactics that will save your'd or family life, in a bad situation. Our CCW classes are far beyond the NRA,and all insrtuctor are NRA certified. We teach you to shoot multiple targets, moving, running, shooting behind cover and more.

Our classes are CCW, Carbine, AK, Pistol, Shotgun, Edge Weopons from Knife, Karambit to Tomahawk, Long range shooting.

Our basics, are other schools advanced training.

Our range is private.We do have memberships that are available, $375. annual, and that includes all family members. Guest are $15.00.

Our bermed in shooting areas allows safe shooting. Our Long range goes out to 1200 yards.

We are in the process of conductiong 3 Gun Matches, with some physical movemend before shooting. It will not be your average 3 gun.

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