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U.S. Patriot Firearms

U.S. Patriot Firearms, Jacksonville, FL

U.S. Patriot Firearms
4224 Atlantic Blvd #2
Jacksonville, FL 32207

We are a small Firearms Shop in Jacksonville Florida.  We strive to give our customers a different experience in our shop.  We try to make our prices competive with online prices. We don't stock a lot of guns but we can have whatever you want within one to three days typically.  Our online website has several million dollars in inventory available to you with no transfer or shipping fees.  If you are local then please stop by to see our supply selection of firearms.  You can also email us at sales@uspatriotfirearms.com with any questions or a quote on any gun that you may want.

You can also visit our Website at http://www.uspatriotfirearms.com.

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