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Savage Range Systems, Inc.

Savage Range Systems, Inc., Westfield, MA
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Savage Range Systems, Inc.
100 Springdale Road
Westfield, MA 01085

From the very beginning Savage Arms has been a different kind of company. A history of innovation begun in 1894 by Arthur Savage with the introduction of the first "hammerless" lever action rifle continues today with Ron Coburn's revolutionary Snail® System.

 The Savage Range Systems Mission

To offer the safest and cleanest environment possible for shooters and range personnel, while providing innovative, durable and cost-effective range equipment.

Our Wet Snail® Trap has been used by all major firearms, ammunition manufacturers and demanding law enforcement agencies for over 15 years. Why?

Quite simply, it works! Have you ever walked into a range where the air smelled like lead or there was excessive lead dust at the trap? You won't find this in a range with a Wet Snail® Trap. The Snail® Trap's roots are in the firearms manufacturing environment, where range personnel must routinely have their blood lead levels tested in accordance with OSHA requirements. When used properly, there have been no reported cases of elevated blood lead levels where a Wet Snail® Trap was installed.

Our system has one of the lowest maintenance requirements for any bullet trap on the market. Not only does this result in lower operating costs, it maximizes 'range availability' for training and revenue generation.

The Truth About Bullet Traps

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... then we are extremely flattered! The introduction of Savage Range Systems Snail® Trap technology has revolutionized the shooting range industry. Smash-plate range systems are becoming obsolete and today's environmental standards are forcing many ranges to comply in order to exist. Military and civilian range operators have come to Savage for the best and safest solution. Our competitors have been watching. Forced with the realization that their previous range design is no longer adequate they are scrambling to catch up. But it takes more than imitation.

The truth is:

  • Savage pioneered the low angle ramp design to minimize bullet disintegration.
  • Savage has invented the wet system to completely minimize airborne lead for the safest ranges in the world. We meet and exceed all OSHA standards.
  • The Snail® System uses a biodegradable fluid to capture lead dust and particles and it is completely safe for both shooter and personnel. It is the most environmentally sound range anywhere!
  • A 12° ramp angle IS better than a 15° ramp angle. Any child who has skipped a rock across a pond will tell you the lower angle deflects easier. It better prevents ricochet and adds to the longevity of the ramp.

Savage Range Systems wet traps are clean, easy to maintain and have the lowest life-cycle costs of any range on the market today! Sure the competition is trying to catch up - they have a long way to go - but Savage continues to design and build superior ranges so your range personnel and shooters are safe, the environment is protected and your budget is at ease.

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