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Straight Shooter Supply

Straight Shooter Supply, North Bend, OR
Phone: 541-297-6500

Straight Shooter Supply
2296 Madrona St
North Bend, OR 97459

We build custom rifles from the 80 ounce titanium wonder shown to the 375 Chey Tac for shooting to one mile and more.  Every rifle is built to the tightest tollerances possible to deliver all the accuracy you are capable of.  Straight Shooter Supply was the first to bring out the new 17 Hornet and are always looking for a new challenge to keep you on top in the shooting world. 

New firearms and optics sales.

Certified Cerakote applicators.

NRA instructors so we can help you learn to shoot too. 


Call Shawn @ 541-297-6500 or Brady @ 541-297-6510 to discuss your next new rifle or to turn yours into something special.


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